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Grace & Peace,

I am a faithful husband to Tiffany, my wife of 15 years and a father of three children: Chastidy, Asia and Christian. I received Christ at an early age and was baptized at The Union Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Rev. John Madden. I have over twenty years of experience in ministry and leadership, beginning my ministerial training at the age of 21. I was ordained an Evangelist at Elim Christian Center at the age of 25; I was appointed senior Pastor of Divine Assemblies in 2004.

My most recent appointment was Beulah Baptist Missionary Church of Youngstown Ohio. Where I served faithfully as the Senior Pastor for over 4 years. In my years as Sheppard the church went from a start of under twenty members till an almost full house of over Eighty. From a deficit budget to a surplus. I was blessed to not just lead a courageous congregation but blessed to have six ministers and a staff of about twenty. In my tenure I saw lives changed, families healed, marriages established, and the hungry feed.
Through programs such as our monthly food give away, Outreach efforts, yearly Kwanza celebrations, musicals, vacation bible school, fall faith festival and much more. We established a dynamic praise team to compliment or outstanding choir as well as a youth choir that performed throughout the city of Youngstown.
For all the strides that were made at Beulah, the one that I was most proud of was our B.O.M.B. Marriage ministry. B.O.M.B was an acronym for Bone of My Bone. Once a month at least seven married couples would go outside of church and share in struggles and victories of marriage, while simultaneously enjoying a movie or dinner.

Prior to Beulah, I was the assistant Pastor of Agape Assembly Non-Denominational Church where Pastor Todd Johnson was the Senior Pastor, where I help in the leading of Worship services, coordinate Outreach projects, facilitate leadership development, contributing to the spiritual and numeric growth at Agape. I also developed curriculum for Sunday school, Foundation’s class, Baptism, and Wednesday night Bible studies. I was also the Creator and Lead Teacher for B.A.S.I.C (Brothers Anchored Strong in Christ) which was our Men’s Fellowship consisting of over 40 men.

Other ministry experience I was the Youth Pastor of Elim Christian Center, Minister at Union Baptist and Deacon at New Jerusalem Fellowship. I am also a well-respected revivalist preaching throughout the city as well as the state.
I am also the past President and Clergy Caucus and a current board member of ACTION (Alliance for Congregational Transformation Influencing Our Neighborhoods. A grass roots organization that deals with the challenges and disparities of lower class neighborhoods due to but not limited to racism, red lining, social justice, opioids, food desserts and so much more.
I also have attended Bradley Bible College and intend on pursuing my goal of MDIV in biblical studies

I have the unique ability to relate to contemporary culture while simultaneously honoring and preserving the strong heritage of the church (particularly the black church), molding these two worlds in a manner that affirms all and alienate none. I hold a strong commitment to the tradition of the church and share an infinity for church history, taking seriously the challenge of instilling our Christian and cultural heritage in younger generations. I also possess expert skills in Evangelism, church growth, and developing outreach initiatives that are cost-efficient and effective while increasing awareness of the ministries and activities of organizations I am involved in. I believe in operating in the “Spirit of Excellence”, insisting that every program the church engages in is giving proper preparation, quality promotion, and maximum participating from the congregation and community.

In addition to my recent Pastoral assignment, I am employed with Wheatland Tube Steel Mill of Warren, OH where I have worked as an assistant-mill operator for over 13 years.
I eagerly await the opportunity to share my skills, experience, and ministry philosophy to explore how I may help build upon the ministry and legacy of Progressive Baptist Church through Pastoral leadership.


Reverend Jeffery L. Stanford

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